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 Rules, Social and Gaming-wise

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Character Sheet

PostSubject: Rules, Social and Gaming-wise   Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:07 pm


- For Everyone
-> Character Sheets
-> Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
-For Storytellers

For Everyone

The general Forum Rules apply here, too.

Text notations for the actual gaming threads:

Gaming description
Player and Storyteller notes, like required rolls, roll results etc.

Please be nice to each other, be fair, don't cheat.

Character Sheets

For your character creation you'll need a character sheet. You can find printable ones here. Alternatively you can make your own sheet with the same categories as the original ones. Ask your Storyteller which version they prefer you to work with.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

The White Wolf Storyteller Systems (which Changeling is one of) uses d10, that's dice with 10 sides.
It's up to you if you want to use physical dice or a roll simulator (for example this one)

A roll usually consists of two factors: An Attribute and an Ability. Rolls to cast cantrips (fae magic) are made up from the Arts and Realms on your sheet. These two respectively make up your dice pool. Sometimes Willpower or Glamour will play a role, too, but your Storyteller will usually tell you which stats to roll on.

Example: Patti the Eshu wants to climb a tree to rescue a kitten, which would be a check of Dexterity + Athletics. Patti's stats are Dex 3 and Athletics 1, so her dice pool is 4. The threshold (number rolled for a success) is 6, and she would need 3 successes to climb the tree without any problems. Patti's player rolls and ends up with 3-6-7-5. Those are two successes, so after a bit of struggling she actually manages to climb onto the lowest branch (and gets a bit bruised in the progress, but without any consequences). She rolls again to make it further up the tree and this time she gets her three successes, so she reaches the kitten trapped up there without further problems (now let's just hope that kitten isn't too hostile...).

If your character interacts with an NPC they might roll against you, and the higher result wins.


Patti tries to convince a guard at the local court to let her through a certain gate. Her roll is on Persuasion (3) and Charisma (3). The threshold is 5. The player casts 6 dice and gets through with six successes! Now the guard has to roll agains that (good luck, mate) with Willpower (4) and Intimidation (3). Even though there's one more die to count on he ends up with only four successes so Patti gets through the door. Yay!

For Storytellers

Once there's a sub-forum for your chronicle, please add the following threads:

- Sticky: Setting and Rules
- Gameplay: [Chronicle Name]
- Discussion: [Chronicle Name]
- and of course everything else you like
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Rules, Social and Gaming-wise
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